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Removes MAGNETIC CONTAMINANT in liquid to less than 1 MICRON

A rugged HEPA quality vacuum! High capacity cleaning for dusty environments!

A Model EB1040SS Atomizing Nozzles are used to rinse wine bottles after capping

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 QMI Treatments  -  There is a difference

QMI is the leader in providing consumer and industrial PTFE treatments, the results of many generations of product development efforts that produced their exclusive SX-6000 formula. Decades of research and testing in automotive racing, aerospace and thousands of consumer applications has not only established PTFE treatments in the Automotive market but also meeting the most demanding industrial lubrication challenges. A full range of PTFE treatments for various industries evolved for hydraulic systems, compressors, gearboxes, air tools, transmissions and engines etc.
Air Tools Treatment

QMI Treatments  -  There is a difference

One of unbeatable product is the Air Tool Treatment, for Sluggish Air Tool, QMI’s treating process frees vanes and blades, restoring torque and RPMs in sluggish air tools and occasional repeat applications keep them free . The PTFE treatment then helps maintain optimum performance.

Air tools operate at extremely high RPMs with minimal lubrication fluid. The corrosive attack of moisture from compressed air causes cavitation of bearing and working surfaces. Gumming of blades and vanes result in reduce RPMs, loss of torque and expensive repair cost. Neglect and lack of regular lubrication can lead to premature air tool failure.

Typical Dynamic Clearance (tolerances between moving parts) of the side of vane in Air Tools system normally is between 5 - 13 micron, particles contamination who get in and stuck in the wall acting like a scouring pad forces the moving parts in the system to come into direct contact - accelerating wear very dramatically (a state called erosive wear), poor lubrication faster the process. QMI's Air Tool Treatment lubricates beyond oil by fusing a micro-thin treatment of PTFE into lubricated working surfaces, give a maximum thickness of treatment is 1 to 2 micron to contact surfaces thus not changing Dynamic Clearance of the system, once the PTFE Treatment fused into the friction surfaces it act like "Wet Ice on Wet Ice" protecting the friction surfaces even in a poor lubrication condition.

QMI's Air Tool Treatment reduce friction and improves performance, protects against seizure during storage and extends the life of air tool almost indefinitely. The unique properties of QMI's PTFE provides much needed protection to pneumatic tools, sluggish air tools are often restored quickly by applying QMI.

• Restores sluggish tools           • Increased tool life
• Reduced friction and wear        • Improved performance
• Reduced heat and noise          • Protection against moisture
• Reduced maintenance             • Protection against corrosives
• Reduced energy consumption   • Reduced cavitation

Comparing QMI Air Tool Treatment with typical air tool lubricants

QMI Air Tool TreatmentTypical air tool lubricant
Application         PTFE "treatment" applied only as needed by operator.Regular application required.        
LongevitySlick, tough PTFE resin protection only lessened by abrasives.Lubrication frequently vulnerable to working conditions.
MoistureCompletely resistant to hydrolysis, provides barrier to moisture permeation.Vulnerable to moisture's permeation.
Chemically inert, shields working surfaces from corrosion, cavitation and premature failure.Vulnerable to moisture's corrosion attack.
One product services all application and conditions.Specialty lubricants needed fro specific application and conditions.

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